It is great to consistently pursue studies on “peculiar physicochemical features” of the universal solvent water and other similar solvents dmso cancer, DMF etc. Especially, idea of spectroscopic study of ORMUS water is highly appreciable. The water molecule itself acts as a tiny magnet because of stronger electrostatic H and O atoms. The “polar molecules” respond to the spectroscopy especially FTIR which depends on Hook’s law of oscillating spring. So the negatively and positively charged H and O atoms sharply respond to FTIR which is also constituted of “electromagnetic waves”. If there is a change in water structure (denatured water) then the FTIR spectra will be sharply changed. Also the “Friccohesity of the denatured water” would be very interesting data because it is a function of frictional and cohesive forces.

On “denaturation of the water”, both of these forces will vary and would be noticed with change in friccohesity data. The water could be denatured by exposing to different external forces like magnetic, thermal, electrical etc. Yes, my device of survismeter along the magnet of prescribed Tesla could be an excellent to illustrate structural reorientations in molecular water or some other similar solvents. This is also true that role of water in different process is controlled by structural framework. The molecular activities depend on the molecular structure and hence it is but natural that the ORMUS water has high “potential to influence the processes” wherever is used.

Then the beauty and fascination of its changed physicochemical dynamics would have different molecular interaction potential (MIP) and survismeter with magnet is most competent device but for these experiment, the manpower is required. The discussion and sharing ideas on such useful material could be very helpful in “pursuit of acquiring advance scientific information” on the ORMUS water. The molecular framework offers an interesting science for industrial processes especially in case of the biomolecular activities with most fascinating science listed as biotics.

It is a most fashionable configuration of atoms within spatial framework of covalent bonds, for example proteins, amino acids which may be of intradisciplinary molecular signatures [IDMS] like organic, semi-organic, complex, supramolecular prototypes etc. However, the ionic, coordinate and dative bonds may be contributory to enrich the IDMS pushbutton of chemical interactions as an activated chip is noted to perform several functions where Schrödinger quantum mechanics and wave mechanism of energy distribution and depictation could be an excellent combinatorial concept. The theology of the scientific up gradations in ionic to molecular coordination have now been pushed to at center stage not because of nanotechnology but because of the molecular potential to resolve various complicated issues of the matters.